All Spitfire products are covered by a warranty for a minimum of 12 months from the date of purchase. Chassis is warranted for 24 months, however warranty does not cover any 'Off Road' use.

A condition of warranty is that the trailer is returned to the original place of purchase.

Modifications carried out by third parties will not be covered by warranty. Warranty will not cover wear and tear items such as Brake Linings, Wheel Bearings or Seals.


Any modification or design change or addition to the original trailer will void manufactures warranty unless approved in writing by the Spitfire.




Tips for safe boating and long-term trailer performance;


Repack bearings with marine bearing grease every 6 months.

Be aware that when you submerge a hot hub into cold sea water the contraction will suck water into the hub.

Ensure that trailers with bearing buddies have their grease toped up regularly. (Some small axles do not come with bearing buddies, ensure their hub is full of grease)

Keep lubrication on the winch cogs.

Ensure you connect a safety chain from the winch post to the Bow Eye in case of winch failure.

Check nuts and bolts before every trip and ensure wheel nuts are correctly tensioned.

Ensure your boat is correctly secured from the bow eye in a backward direction to the draw bar adjustable tie down bracket. This will prevent forward momentum of the boat from the trailer in the event of a frontal collision by the towing vehicle.

Never exceed the GVM or the Tare and Load weight of the trailer

Ensure your load is balanced with approximately 10% of the total weight of boat and trailer is on the tow ball of the towing vehicle.